Happy Hall of Bean!

It’s that time again! Inspired by my littlest one, who’s been referring to “ghosts” as “toast”, I’ve created this funny little story for Susanna Hill’s 7th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest! To recap the rules: “Write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words candy cornmonster, and shadow. (Candy corn will be counted as 1 word.)”

Which brings me to my story of 100 words exactly!


Monster Harry misheard everything.
Which made scaring tricky.
“Time to roll!!” shouted Ghost Fred.
“Where would we bowl?” Harry looked around, confused.
When he turned back, his friends were gone.
“Where’d they go!?” Harry wailed.
From the shadows, a trick-or-treater cried, “Eek, a ghost!”
But Harry was in no mood for toast.
Just then, a girl appeared. “Can I sit?”
She did look like she could knit, so he shrugged grumpily, “I guess so.”
They sat together quietly, eating candy corn.
Harry felt better. Maybe scaring was overrated.
“This is nice,” Harry said.
The girl gasped in horror.
“MICE!? What mice?”

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