The “Invention I’s” with Layla and the Bots

Activity Packet

Designed to help students break down their thought process as they invent! I hope you have fun using these materials in your classroom — whether it’s in-person or virtual. Find lessons plans below.

About the “Invention I’s”

As you may know, I spent years at Google and Intel inventing products for kids. Much like Layla, I worked with a talented team to create all sorts of fun products—like robots you could build at home, buildings that played music, or games you could play with your voice. And just like Layla, I used a design process that students can use too! Based on that work, I’ve created a design thinking framework for teachers and students to promote creative thinking, problem solving, and making.

Introducing… the Invention I’s!

Lesson Plans

You can use the activity packet to support any kind of design challenge—an egg drop challenge, a paper airplane challenge, a leprechaun trap challenge, etc. I’ve written up a few example lesson plans and will continue to add over time. I’d love to hear what you use the Invention I’s for in your classroom!

Basic Lesson Structure
A generic lesson structure for you to customize to your needs

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Invent a protective contraption for a falling egg

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Invent a musical instrument with recycled materials